X-Lite Softphone

Don’t have a Softphone?

If you don’t already have a softphone we can recommend X.Lite 3.0 from Counterpath. X.Lite is a free softphone that is available for Windows and Mac users. It is easy to install and use, support video calling and has been tested with our service.

Setting up X-Lite 3.0

Make sure you have your Welcome email with your user settings handy

Go to http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite.html

Download and install the appropriate version of X-Lite

Once installation is complete you will see the following window

Check enabled and then click on Add

The following window will appear

Enter the information as provided in your Welcome email

Display Name: Your Name (e.g. John Smith)

Username: Your 2talk number (e.g. 028890000)

Password: Your account password (This should have been sent to you when you signed up in a Welcome Email)

Authorisation user name: Your 2talk number (e.g. 02889000)

Domain: sip.2talk.co.nz

NOTE: If you are having problems logging into 2talk with the default settings above then there may be a compatibility issue with your router and our service.  You can also change the following setting to work around some router/firewall related problems:


Click on Apply

You should now see your account added, as shown below

If it says Ready on the softphone screen your account has been successfully set up and you can start making calls

The full X-Lite user guide can be found here: http://www.xten.com/index.php?menu=UserGuides

Still having problems getting the phone to register or make/receive calls?  Read on…

Some users behind certain firewalls/routers appear to have problems registering by following the above instructions.  However there are some more things you can try in the Softphone settings to enable the softphone to work correctly.  It is recommended that you try each setting individually and see if it makes a difference first before moving on to the next setting (rather than simply changing all the settings at once).  Here are the options:

  1. In the SIP Account Settings for 2talk under the ‘Account’ tab you can explicitly tick the ‘Send Outbound via’ and enter ‘sip.2talk.co.nz’ in the text box provided.
  2. In the SIP Account Settings for 2talk under the ‘Topology’ tab you can setup the ‘STUN server’ as ‘Use specified server:’ and then enter ’stun.2talk.co.nz’ in the text box provided.
  3. In the SIP Account Settings for 2talk under the ‘Topology’ tab you can tick under ‘IP address’ the option ‘Use local IP address’ (instead of Discover Global Address)
  4. In the SIP Account Settings for 2talk under the ‘Topology’ tab you can try unticking the ‘Enable ICE’ option