Linksys SPA-122 ATA Install Guide

We recommend first that you upgrade your Linksys SPA122 to the latest firmware version from Cisco

The Linksys SPA122 is a low cost Analogue Telephone Adapter that offers 2 ports allowing you to connect 2 phone lines to 2talk. It is widely available from various suppliers in New Zealand. The SPA122 (unlike the PAP2T) also support T.38 for reliable fax transmission over IP, so you can also connect a fax machine to the 2talk service.

The SPA122 also functions as a router and offers QoS  (Quality of Service) features, so you can either plug your existing switch or PC into the LAN port or set up the unit in ‘Bridge’ mode to use the routing functionality of your existing DSL/Modem (usually recommended).

First, you should read the Quick Install guide and then the User guide to get setup and familiar with the Linksys SPA122 featureset. Links to all these documents can be found from the link below:

Once you have familiarised yourself with the ATA and have logged into the web interface then you are ready to configure it to run on 2talk’s service. It is recommended to leave the ATA in DHCP mode for networking, although how you setup the ‘Network’ settings is really up to you and your needs.  Please refer to the User Guide for more info.

Firstly you need to log into the router. There are two levels of access on the SPA122, one being user level access and the other administrative access. For setup we will be using administrator access to we need to input the default username "admin" and the default password "admin". 

Once logged in please follow the instructions below:

1. Reset your SPA122 to factory default settings

If you purchase a second hand SPA122 or one that has been setup to work with a particular carrier then the safest bet is to reset the settings to the factory defaults so that you start with a clean slate and can be sure that some previously entered setting is not causing you a problem. To reset the SPA122 to factory defaults follow these steps:

The SPA122 should now have been reset to factory default settings. 

2. Get access to your SPA-122 web interface

If you cannot access the user interface at this point please ensure DHCP is enabled on your computers network interface. If you are unsure how to do this please refer to your computer support channels.

3. Upgrade firmware (optional)

Your SPA122 may work well on it’s current firmware, but it is always a good idea to upgrade the firmware on your SPA122 to ensure that you are running the latest recommended firmware on it. Upgrading the firmware is relatively easy.

4. Changing your System Settings

SIP Page

(Changing the above will allow your SPA122 to recover from registration failures more quickly.)

(The STUN settings should be optional. Your SPA122 should work fine without STUN enabled, so you can enable/disable these settings if you are having issues registering.)

Changing your Provisioning Settings

Changing your Regional settings

Select the "regional" option from the left hand menu

If you wish to support the New Zealand Tones for your phones and set the date/time then you can setup the following. There are a lot of settings here that are not strictly necessary for a functional phone, but if you wish the SPA122 to behave similar to a Telecom landline then you are best changing the settings on this page. Please note if a field is missed then it is not required

Line 1/Line 2 page

Line Enable = yes

NAT Settings:

Network Settings:

SIP Settings

Call Feature Settings

Proxy and Registration

Subscriber Information

Suplementary Service Subscription

Audio Configuration

Dial Plan

(The example Dial Plan is an example for New Zealand only and may be incomplete. Please send feedback to if you have any amendments that should be made to the dial plan string)

FXS Port Polarity Configuration

User 1/User 2 page

Most of the settings on this page are up to the customer and whether they wish to support call waiting,caller ID etc.  However we recommend the following settings be applied:

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are still having problems getting your SPA122 to register with 2talk then you can try disabling or enabling the STUN settings.

Another thing you can try is changing your SIP Port from ‘5060′ to ‘50600 (and 5061 to 50610 on line 2 if required)′ in the SIP Settings under each line and change the ‘Proxy’ and ‘Outbound Proxy’ to ‘’ or ‘′ in the Proxy and Registration settings under each line

If you are still having problems connecting to 2talk then email us at