2talk One Number

The 2talk one number service is an enhancement to our Locate Me service.  It enables you to have up to 6 devices or phones registered against a single 2talk number at the same time.  When someone rings the 2talk number all phones/devices will ring at the same time.  A great example of this is if you have 2talkphone (Softphone) and a VoIP handset or dual mode cellphone.

Instead of having a 2talk number for your handset/cellphone and another 2talk number for your softphone with Locate Me set up between the two - simply use the same number on both and no matter where you are people will be able to reach you.  2talk One Number is also useful in a small office situation where you have one number and want it to ring all the office phones at once.  Of course if you’re away from an area with internet access you can still use the locate me service to have your cellphone or landline ring as well.

Here’s how it works

  1. First you need to enable the service in 2talk live.  Go to the Locate Me/OneNumber screen, tick the box labeled 2talk One Number and then save.
  2. Next setup your devices correctly. You should choose one device as your primary device.  In the SIP settings for your primary device enter your 2talk number and password as usual.  For each additional device you will need to add a suffix to your 2talk number/login.  The suffix will need to take the format of a dash followed by the number 1-5.  Each device will need a different number/suffix or else the service won’t work.  The password is the same for each device.
  3. The maximum number of devices you can register against one 2talk number is 6 including your primary device

Here’s a sample configuration.
Primary Device  - Linksys VoIP handset  -  Login = 028890123
2nd Device  -  2talkphone (Softphone)  -  Login = 028890123-1
3rd Device  -  Linksys ATA  -  Login = 028890123-2
4th Device  -  Nokia E Series phone  -  Login = 028890123-3

If you have any feedback on the service please email feedback@2talk.co.nz