General Questions

Q. What is a 2talk 028 number?

A. A 2talk 028 number functions like a mobile phone number. It costs the same rate to call it no matter where you are in New Zealand. However, calling an 028 number from another 2talk phone will be free of charge - since all 2talk plans allow ‘Unlimited 2talk calling’. The cost of calling an 028 number from a non-2talk phone will depend on your telephone operator - but the rate should be equivalent to another NZ mobile (or count towards your minute bundle if calling in from a mobile phone)

Q. Can I bring my current phone number to 2talk?
A. Yes. Please see our Porting Guide for more information

Q. What is a 2talk local number?
A. A 2talk local number is tied to a local region within New Zealand. Callers within that local region can call your number for free.

Q. Do I get a voicemail box with every 2talk phone line?
A. Yes – every 2talk phone line has its own voicemail box

Q. Does every 2talk line have its own set of features?
A. Yes – each 2talk phone and fax line has a separately configurable set of phone or fax features.

Q. How many phone numbers can I have with 2talk?
A. This is dependent on the plan you choose.

Q. Can I make calls to 0900 numbers?
A. No, calls to 0900 numbers are not currently available

Q. Can I make 111 calls on 2talk?
A. 2talk do not support emergency calling. However if you do make a 111 call it will connect if possible. The operator will not know your physical location so you will need to provide this information to them.

Q. How many simultaneous calls can I make through 2talk?

A. This depends on which plan you are signed up on. The personal plans page lists the amount of concurrent calls that are available on the personal plans. If more than one person will be making calls at the same time on your 2talk account then you should consider the Business Plans the number of concurrent calls available on these plans can be seen on the business plans page. If you add additional local (non-028) numbers onto your account then you will get 1 additional concurrent call for each additional number that you add to your account. If you require more simultaneous calls on your account then contact and you can purchase additional simultaneous call blocks of 5 to increase the number of calls that can be made on your account.

Q. How much data will my calls use?
A. This will depend on the codec you use for your calls. We've put together some examples using the most commonly used 2talk codecs to give you an idea. One thing you need to keep in mind is that calls use data is both directions so you will need to consider both download and upload usage.

Q. Can I run my home alarm or sky digital across 2talk?
A. 2talk do not currently provide support for home alarms or services such as sky digital and St John Alarms

Q. Will my 2talk service work if there is a power cut?
A. Your 2talk service requires power to work – your broadband modem and PC will not function without it. However you can use the 2talk Remote Access services if you have no power at your current location.

Q. Can I use my existing phone with 2talk?

A. You can use your existing analogue phone if you install an ATA to connect it to your broadband service. You can also use it with any of the Remote Access services.

Q. How do I get access to 2talk’s GPL licensed source code?
A. 2talkphone is distributed under the GPL (GNU Public License) as the code is derived directly from the OpenWengo Project.  If you wish to receive a copy of 2talk’s modified OpenWengo source code please contact and we will provide a link to the source.

Q. How do I publish my 2talk number in the NZ White Pages?
A. You will need to create a support ticket in the web portal. In the ticket please provide the following listing information:
One Address
One Phone number

Q. How do I contact 2talk for information or support?
The preferred method of contacting 2talk for support is via a support ticket, since we can keep historical information about each customer on our systems. If you are not currently a customer please send your queries to You can also call us on 09 281  4357.  If you cannot get through to a team member then please leave a message with our answering service and we will return your call.