D-Link DPH-120S Phone

The D-Link DPH-120S VoIP Phone is a popular low-cost VoIP phone that works well on 2talk and is available in many New Zealand stores including Dick Smith Electronics. Please refer to the installation and user guides from D-Links web site for instructions on how to get the phone setup on your network and connected to the phones provisioning web interface:

Quick Install Guide: ftp://files.dlink.com.au/products/DPH-120S/QuickInstallGuide/DPH-120S_QIG.pdf

Product Manual: ftp://files.dlink.com.au/products/DPH-120S/Manuals/DPH-120S_Manual.pdf

Once you are connected to the phone’s web interface, you can configure the phone to work on 2talk’s service. Below are the main settings you need to setup to get up and running on 2talk. As an example we assume the phone number is 099749000 and your password is abc123. Obviously you will need to replace these examples with your own 2talk phone number and password settings:

SIP Account Settings Page

Default Account: 1

Account Active: Enable
Display Name: Your Full Name
SIP User Name: 099749000 (Replacing 099749000 with your own phone number)
Authentication User Name: 099749000 (Replacing 099749000 with your own phone number)
Authentication Password: abc123 (Replacing abc123 with your own 2talk password)

SIP Settings Page

SIP Phone Port Number: 5060

Registrar Server Domain Name/IP Address: plus.2talk.co.nz
Registrar Server Port Number: 5060
Authentication Expire Time: 600

Outbound Proxy Domain Name/IP Address: plus.2talk.co.nz
Outbound Proxy Port Number: 5060

Session Timer: 240 sec
Media Port: 41000
Prack: Enable
Session Refresher: None
Session Timer Method: Invite

Network Settings Page

Voice Settings Page

Codec (Priority 1): G.729A
Codec (Priority 2): G.711 A-law
Codec (Priority 3): G.711 u-law
Codec (Priority 4): G.723.1
RTP Packet Length: G.711 u-law = 20ms
RTP Packet Length: G.711 A-law = 20ms
RTP Packet Length: G.729A = 20ms
RTP Packet Length: G.723.1 = 30ms
VAD: Off
DTMF Method: Out Band

Voice TOS: 5
VLAN: Disable

STUN & UPnP Settings Page (optional - not usually required)

STUN: Enabled
STUN Domain Name/IP Address: stun.2talk.co.nz
UPnP: Disable