Changing Your 2talk Plan

You can change your monthly 2talk plan by logging into your acocunt via 2talk live and selecting the Plans and Services tab from the main left hand menu and then Change my Monthly Plan type. Your current plan information will display including usage of plan minutes to date.

To Upgrade your Plan

Select the plan you wish to upgrade to.
Review the additional minutes you will receive if you upgrade now
Select to either upgrade now or at month end
Confirm plan change date
Process Plan Change
If upgrading at month end your Plan upgrade is now complete as no payment is due
If upgrading now payment will be due - you will need to select payment type - you can choose to pay by credit card or use your account credit
Process payment
Your Plan upgrade is complete

To Downgrade your Plan

Select the plan you wish to downgrade to
Your new plan details will change
Confirm that you wish to downgrade your plan at next bill cycle
Select Process Plan change
Your plan downgrade is complete and will come into effect next bill cycle

Please note: As no refunds are give on plan downgrades these will only come into effect on your next bill cycle.